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What is "distorting wide angle for a medium shot"?

A medium shot refers to a shot taken from a "medium-distance", although not a quantifiable one. In film, they are usually used to capture at least half of a person's body within a frame, or even a ...
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Are the aliens really hostile?

Hm, while I don't think the film presents enough evidence to say that the aliens were evil, they definitely seemed aggressive - which justifies the Mel Gibson's family in defending themselves. ...
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What is the significance of Shasta soft drinks?

I have been unable to find any specific interviews or sources that explain this part of the movie, so the best I can do is present my own personal theory. Small town conspiracy theorists The movie ...
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Are the aliens really hostile?

This is directly addressed at around the 1 hour 15 minute mark. After turning off the flashlights in the basement, there's a brief flashback to the death of Graham's wife. Then, as he wakes up ...
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Exactly where were the flying saucers during the invasion?

We don't know In fact, as I recall, the we only see the spacships as lights in the sky in a news report. Their physical location once landed (assuming they do) is not stated. It might be that these ...
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What is "distorting wide angle for a medium shot"?

It might be clearer to read the quote like so: And once again he uses camera tricks - like the distorting effect that wide angle lenses have on medium shots - to create a weird, slightly off-kilter ...
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