In Futurama episode "The Late Philip J Fry", some of the crew travel to the very end of time itself (and back around again... TWICE). They most likely go through the heat death of the universe which is on the order of 10100 years! However, the furthest "known" date shown on the time machine's indicator is 1 × 1040 AD: when the "last proton should be ...


More of an adjunct to the existing answers - if you're looking for an example where the "usual" setting of the movie or show is far in the future (as opposed to a specific episode or segment) then I'd suggest Red Dwarf as the bulk of the show is set over 3 million years in the future.


The Doctor Who Episode Utopia is set in the Year 100 Trillion, at literally the very end of time and space itself (according to the show)


The Abyss (1989) by James Cameron:


Based on the timeframe given and the "bikes with walls coming off the back wheel" bit, this is almost certainly Tron: Legacy (2010.) Here's one of the bikes from Legacy, tell me if I'm right: Incidentally, in case you're curious, this movie is a sequel to 1982's Tron.


Your question could be interpreted as either: Our Earth doesn't have a view like this. What is different about these planets that makes this view correct? The answer to this is simple. Earth is a planet, with a smaller orbiting moon. Both examples of inhabited "planets" you show here (Panora and Annwn) are smaller moons orbiting larger planets....


From the original movie: "We count thirty Rebel ships, Lord Vader, but they're so small they're evading our turbolasers." ―Lieutenant Tanbris, to Darth Vader, during the Battle of Yavin Which came out in 1977, while Battlestar Galactica first aired in 1978 (thanks @CodesInChaos). So Star Wars had it first.


I believe you're looking for the movie The Fifth Element 1997 starring Bruce Willis. It features flying cars/ Aliens and lots of futuristic tech. It has a scene at the beginning where Aliens visit a Pyramid to collect the Elements as they are not safe on Earth anymore. Also the Alien singer scene below matches your question:


Adaptations of "The Time Machine" (H. G. Wells). At least two of them (1960 and 2002) depict quite detailed the year 802,701. And in the 2002 adaptation, there are also landscapes of the year 635 427 810. It is more than six hundred million years from now.


I am sure you're looking for Sucker Punch (2011) Here's a trailer: And here's your dragon scene:


War of the Worlds 2005 Ray Ferrier (Cruise) is a divorced dockworker and less-than-perfect father. When his ex-wife and her new husband drop off his teenage son Robbie and young daughter Rachel for a rare weekend visit, a strange and powerful lightning storm suddenly touches down. What follows is the extraordinary battle for the future of humankind ...


Pretty sure you're looking for Woody Allen's comedy Sleeper from 1973. Miles, a nebbishy clarinet player who also runs a health food store in NYC's Greenwich Village, is cryogenically frozen, and brought back - 200 years in the future, by anti-government radicals in order to assist them in their attempt to overthrow the oppressive government. When he goes ...


It vaguely sounds like you might be thinking of I, Robot, which was released in 2004, starring Will Smith. Your description is a bit vague, as most of it sounds generic to the "Sci Fi with Robots"; you also report that you remember the protagonist being Caucassian; but imply that you are not 100% sure. As such, here is a trailer, and an analysis of ...


I am sure you are describing Species (1995). Some of its plot from wiki: A government team led by Xavier Fitch (Ben Kingsley) goes forward with the genetic experiment attempting to induce a female, under the (later proved to be mistaken) assumption that a female would have "more docile and controllable" traits. One of the hundred experimental ova ...


It's one of my favourite. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) Here's a trailer:


As @BrettFromLA mentioned is the comments, I would suggest this character is called the: Red Shirt Warning! TV Tropes Link! The trope name come from Stark Trek: The Original Series where the new recruits/ensigns wore red uniforms. This can be a bit confusing because in later Star Trek series the Command positions wore red... A brief excerpt of what defines ...


Hot naked female alien draining Lifeforce from people, with Patrick Stewart in it? Only one candidate - IMDB - Lifeforce (1985) Actress Mathilda May, with almost no wardrobe budget that was discernible, played the alien in question.


This is Cloverfield (2008) and the smaller creatures you are referring to are called Parasites The monster was covered in 2,000 Parasites that are roughly the same weight and height as a dog. They have 10 legs consisting of six spider-like, double jointed limbs and 4 "pincers" on the top and back of its body. They have very large jaws, pale gray ...


It's Contact, released in 1997, starring Jodie Foster. The 'Nazi video' is actually a TV broadcast of the 1936 Olympic opening ceremony. The signal which is received on Earth includes this broadcast, enabling the Earth scientists to calculate how far away the source of the response is.


I don't really know that movie, but from your description and my google- foo it might have been "Forbidden Planet" from 1956. The IMDB- Entry features a video, that shows exactly the scene you describe around min 2:47. This video on youtube shows the monster itself starting at 2:18, that really looks like a lion or wolf. The wiki- article about that ...


For what it's worth, your description almost nearly matches what happens in the movie Sphere as well.


The Island A man living in a futuristic sterile colony begins to question his circumscribed existence when his friend is chosen to go to the Island, the last uncontaminated place on earth. - Lincoln discovers a live moth in a ventilation shaft, leading him to deduce the outside world is not really contaminated. Lincoln follows the moth to another ...


It could be The Abyss (1989). Here is a picture of the stingray alien: Another shot of the blue, stingray-like underwater aliens: Here is a shot of Ed Harris, standing in the undwerwater chamber and communicating with the aliens: You can watch the complete movie here (quality is not the best, the picture is intentionally distorted to avoid deletion from ...


I think the movie name is Terminus 2015 Australian science fiction drama.


Distant Early Warning (an episode of the "The Wide World of Mystery" TV series) IMDb: Aliens infiltrate an Arctic research station, and perform experiments on the unsuspecting crew by mind control which makes them think they are seeing dead members of their families.


It appears to be War of the Worlds. Unexplained changes in the weather occur, including lightning that strikes multiple times in the middle of an intersection and disrupts all electricity. Ray joins the crowd at the scene of the lightning strikes, and witnesses a massive "Tripod" war machine emerge from the ground and use alien weaponry to ...


Sounds like you're looking for Clockstoppers from 2002. Until now, Zak Gibbs' greatest challenge has been finding a way to buy a car. But when he discovers an odd wristwatch amidst his father's various inventions and slips it on, something very strange happens. The world around him seemingly comes to a stop; giving the effect that everyone has come to a ...


Advantageous (2015) Set in the near future, Gwen sells cosmetic procedures for the Center For Advanced Health And Living. Despite her relatively affluent position in life she works below scale and is having difficulty sustaining a lifestyle that will ensure her daughter, Jules, has a solid education and future. When she is abruptly ...

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