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Why is Samurai Jack season 5 episode 1 (53) numbered 92 (XCII)?

The way that I understand it now is that the creator wanted to set Season 5 with the 50 year timeskip represented as the conclusion of Season 5 as an unstated CII. It's already established that 50 ...
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Why do they call him Jack?

Why do you call someone 'Dude' or a friend of yours 'Buddy' ? That is basically what happened there. We can see with the onlookers character design that they are depicted as teenagers and 'Jack' ...
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Was Aku created? If yes, who created him and granted him powers?

as per the wiki you linked to Aku came from the Black Mass The Black Mass, also known as The Ultimate Evil, was a non-sapient life form that roamed outer space, and is presumed to have been an ...
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Why do they call him Jack?

Jack is US slang (seemingly out of date since the 90's) for referring to a man, similar to dude, man, bro etc: 6 informal Used to typify an ordinary man. ‘he had that world-weary look of the working ...
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