Cracked.com is a great place to find false information. I wouldn't recommend taking them too seriously, but that article is correct about Alien. "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." Dan O'Bannon explicitly stated in an essay he stole elements from those movies (it's available on the Alien special features disc). So it is really the script that ...


The trademark fan image is done differently in Prometheus, so you have to look closely. Notice the radiating scanning lasers when the mapping drones fly through the tunnels of the pyramid.


To a strong movie fan, no, it cannot hurt - ever. An alternate (possibly revisionist) version of a movie cannot detract from the original viewing experience, it can only add an additional positive (or negative) experience. In the case of Ridley and Blade Runner, I have every version, and his “Final Cut” is my favorite, and I am pleased-giddy that he was ...

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