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Was Hercule Poirot always religious?

TLDR: Poirot was always discreetly religious in the books. The reason why this became more prominent in the series is unknown, but possibly to add more variety to the character to keep him fresh. ...
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Was Hercule Poirot ever wrong?

I presume you are asking about the TV series starring David Suchet, rather than the novels or any other TV or movie versions. In The Mysterious Affair at Styles, (season 3, episode 1) Hastings ...
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Was Hercule Poirot always religious?

I have read that Suchet indeed asked for the more prominent religious sentiments of Poirot which tend to be expressed in the relatively later series. I'm making my way through the show on Netflix, ...
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How could Desmond Lee-Wortley call airfield at December 25th?

The timeline you imply does not seem valid. The phone call takes place, at the earliest, on the day after Christmas Day, since Poirot reveals that he has found the ruby to the prince at night after it ...
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Why did Colonel Lacey change his plans about selling Egyptian souvenir?

Perhaps he had made some kind of option deal where he was obligated to sell 1000 shares at $10 when the price had shot up to $100 per share. If he didn't own enough, he would have been forced to buy ...

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