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What does the title of 'Patriot Games' refer to?

The film is, obviously, named the same as the reference novel by Tom Clancy which, itself, is named after the Irish ballad The Patriot Game. "The Patriot Game" is an Irish ballad with ...
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Where did John Ryan pick up the nickname "Jack"?

Jack is simply a common nickname for John -- the most famous example being President Kennedy, who was called Jack from birth by friends and family. Ryan is Irish Catholic, as seen in the Patriot ...
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What is Kevin watching when Jimmy comes calling?

Great track, remember it well. (and 'Robin (The Hooded Man)' lol) Clannad - Theme from Harry's Game caps to match the footage (caps below are chronological ...
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Was Inspector Highland the inside man?

Finally found time to scan through the book. In it, Robert Highland is not an Inspector but rather a Sergeant. He is the #2 Scotland Yard officer working with the Sean Miller investigation after ...
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