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Why was Marisa Tomei nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role instead of Best Actress?

According to Wikipedia, a supporting actor/actress performs a role in a play or a film that "supports" the lead actor/actress. These range from minor roles to principal players and are often ...
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Was the owl that woke up Cousin Vinny real or a prop?

Yes, the owl was real and trained, according to several sources. From IMDb: According to director Jonathan Lynn the screech owl in the scene in the woods was a real owl that had a little prior ...
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How could Vinny be unaware of the need to wear a suit in court in My Cousin Vinny?

He does know of the necessity to wear a suit to court. He doesn’t for a few reasons: He has never been in a real court as a lawyer. He underestimated the sophistication of the southerners. He ...
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What records did Vinny gave sheriff to run the tests?

Vinny knows that the tiremarks were made by either a car similar to Billy's Buick Skylark or a 1963 Pontiac Tempest, because he knows both have similar wheel bases, tire sizes, body types and ...
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Why didn't Marisa Tomei realize what Joe Pesci did in "My Cousin Vinny"?

Lisa was not familiar with the details of the case when she took the photos. When they were at the crime scene, Lisa was casually snapping pictures of random things--Vinny even points out later how ...
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How could Vinny be unaware of the need to wear a suit in court in My Cousin Vinny?

According to the script: BILL (confused) Vinny, you are a criminal attorney, aren't you? VINNY Actually, this will be my first foray into the criminal arena. STAN (crushed) First time? (he looks at ...
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