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Yellow substance being consumed

According to an interview Aronofsky did, he says the answer is a deliberate secret: And what is that yellow potion that Mother drinks when she gets anxious? “I will never answer what Jen is ...
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What was the Publisher character trying to be a symbol of in "Mother!"?

The Publisher, appears in the credits with the title of Herald. The task of the Herald is to spread and filter (for his benefit) the literature of the poet (God) to all people, is the head of ...
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Why is Eve portrayed as manipulative and outright rude?

Mother! is essentially a sacrilegious allegory meant to portray humans as an unwanted houseguest. The cast of characters are Him (God), Mother (mother nature), The Man (Adam), The Woman (Eve), their ...
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Symbolism in the film "Mother!"

Him - God, create, from ashes a brand new world to live in. Then he invite in Men and Women. Their presence is infuriating to mother and result in bringing two brothers (Cain and Abel). Murder of one ...
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