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What type of knot do wayfinders tie in Moana?

This knot is called Bowline Knot. Bowline is an ancient and simple knot used to form a fixed loop at the end of a rope. It has the virtues of being both easy to tie and untie; most notably, it is ...
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How are all the chief's stones on the one island in Moana?

The stones are a millennium-long tradition that represent each new chief on Motonui, an island they were forced to settle on ever since Maui stole Te Fiti's heart The man singing in the flashback is ...
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Why isn't Moana's grandmother the chief?

Obviously gramma tala married into the chieftainship. Chief Tui's dad, Tala's husband, was the chief and passed away leading Tui to take over. Moana as only child will take over from Tui. Tala was as ...
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Why is Moana actually needed for delivering the heart?

According to the legend, it was implied that Maui, who stole the heart, had to put the heart back. Maui had no interest in doing this. The ocean chose Moana to convince Maui because it could tell ...
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Why "Moana" is called "Vaiana" in Europe?

It's a trademark issue Disney’s alteration of film and character names is not an uncommon occurrence for French versions of English films. With past movie name changes including the likes of Finding ...
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How did Maui live when he was human?

Maui wants to be praised by the human, and be known as a hero, which is why he does all these feats in the first place. So it's not unlikely that he is exaggerating to some degree. But even if it's ...
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Does the giant coconut crab in Moana live underwater?

They are in Lalotai, the realm of the monsters. Also known as the Realm of Monsters, the entrance to Lalotai can be accessed atop a high mountain on a remote island. The passageway (a pit) leads to ...
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Was Te Fiti inspired by the Firebird Suite?

Te Fiti and the character you picture are typical examples of the Mother Earth archetype. Their designs are fairly primeval depictions of Gaia anthropomorphized. Slightly sexualized women, long ...
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Why did Maui try to abandon Moana in a cave without any food or water?

Maui probably expected Moana to escape, just probably not as quickly as she did. There was, after all, a ladder in the cave. It is reasonable to expect Maui would have just wished to have enough ...
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Does the village of Motunui as depicted in "Moana" accurately depict a Polynesian village?

One of the Special Features on the Blu-Ray edition of the movie was "Voice of the Islands", in which the Production team for Moana discuss their many visits to the Pacific Islands and with several ...
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Why does Moana say 'I've delivered us to where we are'?

"Where we are" is not focusing on the geographical location of the speaker, but rather the state of the world (= her people). Moana has changed her world, and she's acknowledging that fact when she ...
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Why isn't Moana's grandmother the chief?

She was looked at as kind of an outsider/free spirit. The chief often criticized Moana for her independence and her not thinking about what's best for the tribe. An example would be her going out into ...
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Why does Moana say 'I've delivered us to where we are'?

Because Moana is the only one in Motunui that believes in grandma that insisted the legends are true. ... Grandma: But one day, the heart will be found. By someone who will journey beyond our reef, ...
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How was the movie Vaiana translated into the European English version?

Trivia section on IMDb states (without references though) that In many European countries, the title and main character were changed to Vaiana to avoid referencing Italian actress Moana Pozzi. The ...
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Why doesn't Māui fly over Te Kā instead of fighting and getting through it?

As you said yourself: fireball. And if he flies too high to save himself from fireballs then what is the point? He still needs to get down to do the task.
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Why was Māui having trouble with his transformation powers?

I think it was due to being rusty using his hook. It was a long time since he last had possession of his hook. Also, we don't see the progression of him "getting used to it"
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Do the themes in "Moana" reflect Western or Pacifica themes?

"Moana" is at its heart a creation of Disney studio's writers and film-making technicians engaged in the making of a children's movie. It is a children's story, an updated retelling of the old ...
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