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Underwater scene in Mission Impossible 5

In order to have sufficient air to breathe in underwater situations, the air is very highly pressurized (3000 psi on average). The first and second stage of the scuba regulator work to reduce the ...
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Underwater scene in Mission Impossible 5

Firefighters use composite pressure tanks that are quite light, so there's no problem with finding non-metallic construction that will withstand SCUBA class pressures. No, the problem is with the "...
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How was the underwater scene shot in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation?

Interesting article on it. The stunt first required Cruise to jump off a 120-foot ledge (the bottom was all CGI, but he really did the jump). Then, in an underwater set that was filled 20 feet high ...
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What does "Welcome to the IMF... Mr. Secretary." signify?

Was he the Secretary beforehand and was in on it from the start and helping them (Ethan and team) to pull out a bluff to go undercover? No. Wikipedia makes this clear. The whole IMF (which seems to ...
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Why did Solomon Lane still trust Ilsa?

I would say he knows how he can make sure Hunt does exactly what he wants. As we can see in the start of the movie, he kills the IMF agent at the record shop and Hunt chases him as he wanted. He ...
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Where did all that water go?

They were in a power station, and the water was flowing through a turbine. If you recall, when the "flood gates" at the top were opened, the water began circulating and Hunt had to start swimming ...
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Underwater scene in Mission Impossible 5

It was entirely feasible for his purpose to bring nonmetal breathing devices: An empty plastic bottle to extend his breath -> A gallon A bottle of iodine to counter the buoyant force -> 17 ounces (or ...
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How did Tom Cruise do that plane stunt in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation?

Of course there's no way that Cruise wasn't wearing a securing harness - it simply wouldn't make sense not to - so I'm quite sure he didn't need to maintain a grip on those hand-holds to prevent ...
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