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Alternate line before shooting down the bug's hijacked ship?

Yes, the end of the first trailer uses this line: However, only K cocks the gun, before it is spoken.
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Who played the locksmith in the first Men in Black film?

I think the character in question is Munro Gabler A minor actor with 3 credited parts in the films Jersey Guy (2003), Ultraviolet (2001) and Passing Stones (2001) I came to this conclusion when I ...
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What was the point of wiping James's memory?

They always wipe the memory of everybody who is not a member of MIB. James had seen an alien, had seen alien weapons, was shown a location of a store operated by an alien who was selling illegal ...
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How did Newton survive after what happened to him in Men in Black 1?

There is no in-universe explanation about how he survived or is he an alien. However, the reason why David Cross plays the same role in both movies because the director Barry Sonnenfeld liked this. ...
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Who plays K's wife in the first Men in Black?

It's Patricia McPherson. Couldn't find much about her role in the movie since it's a really small part, but in her filmography it shows that she appeared in the movie as K's wife: Men in Black (...
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Why does Mikey attack the INS Agent?

Because he was pissed and it was all because of INS agents that Mikey got in trouble. Else he might have got away with it. And when he sees INS agent again while getting interrogated by K & D, he ...
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Why didn't the Bug just kill J and K after taking their weapons?

Despite having real issues with impulse control, Edgar has a duty to perform, transporting the Galaxy offworld to his hive. Getting into a pointless fight with vermin might have its attractions, but ...
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