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Where was J's mom in MIB 3?

I don't think it is actually implied that K raised J. Rather than that, it seems to imply that he silently looked out for him behind the scenes his whole life, until he recommended him as an MiB ...
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Meaning and influence of the tip at the end of Men In Black 3?

The tip has nothing to do with the meteor. Griffin can see future events, whether they happen or not. Griffin sees 2 future paths, completely irrelevant to each other. On one path, a meteor is ...
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Meaning and influence of the tip at the end of Men In Black 3?

Griffin has the power to see the future in different outcomes i.e he sees almost all the possible future events which is yet to happen. So in the end scene he saw one of the future event where K does ...
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How can agent J be a member of MIB when K was killed by Boris

The movie explicitly states that J is in a time paradox, as evidenced by his craving for chocolate milk, which O says is a indication of time fracture.. So as a paradox, it's obviously not in a ...
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Why was this character still alive in the alternate timeline in MiB 3?

This is because in the original Timeline we can assume events played out much the same in the Restored Timeline before J went back to the Future. In the final part we see Borris kill J's father who ...
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