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What are all the martial arts styles seen in the Ip Man movies?

Ip man 1: Fan Zi quan A lesser known style that uses a barrage of attacks to Attack an opponent. Choi lei fut A very broad system of martial arts that encompasses all sorts of weapons and empty ...
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Kung-fu movie about a monastery forming fighters with a painful final test

This is actual the tv series Kung Fu (1972 - 1975) with David Carradine. The adventures of a Shaolin Monk as he wanders the American West armed only with his skill in Kung Fu. Kung Fu is an American ...
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What are all the martial arts styles seen in the Ip Man movies?

The non-kung-fu-style martial arts used were: Ip Man 1: Karate (Style: Shotokan) This style of karate is Okinawa and was used by the Japanese military. Ip Man 3: Muay Thai. Originated in Thailand ...
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Old-school Chinese martial arts movie identification (involving monks and poles)

I believe you are looking for Shaolin Wooden Men. In this film, Jackie Chan's character plays a mute whose father is killed. Jackie then goes on a quest to become a great martialist, training from ...
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How are the sound effects of the Shaw brothers martial art movies produced?

Using a variety of objects including boxing gloves, leather gloves, a heavy sheet, and what appears to be wood In the documentary Fists of fire, which explores the Shaw Brothers studio, we see how ...
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What is that fight move where one hammers both sides of someone's head?

Does it have a name? What is it supposed to accomplish compared to a slap or a right hook to the same part of the face? It's commonly known as the ear clap, double ear clap, or thunderclap strike. It'...
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