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In the movie Looper, why do assassins in the future use inaccurate weapons such as blunderbuss?

They are not skilled elite assassins, they are skill-less thugs willing to take a terrible but well paid job. The blunderbuss is intended to be easy to use and lethal at short range. From the script: ...
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Why do the Rainmaker's henchmen carry guns if murder's impossible?

1. A henchmen would presumably rather be in jail than dead. Would you willingly let yourself be murdered, if you knew that justice would come to the murderer? Just because it's likely that the police ...
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In the movie Looper, why do assassins in the future use inaccurate weapons such as blunderbuss?

The Looper script includes the following dialogue. I don't remember if it was actually in the film. You know why they call that pea shooter a blunderbuss? Cuz it’s impossible to hit anything farther ...
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How did Sara know what a Looper was?

This is tangentially addressed in an earlier version of the film's script. In short, 'loopers' aren't nearly as secret as Joe thinks they are. Sarah has heard 'stories' about them from her prior ...
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What were the pipes going through the fuel tank in the car in Looper (2012)?

I don't think they addressed it directly, but it looked like old gas-burning cars that had been retro-fitted with solar power (and electric engines, one assumes.) The "pipes" would presumably just be ...
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Crossing your own timeline, changing the future - how does that work?

The highest voted answer makes sense, but it seems to omit a third possibility, which happens to be the theory I subscribe to. There are many theories. I like this one the most because it makes sense ...
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Why are loopers required to kill themselves?

Because when you kill yourself you have no one to blame but yourself. To answer the four questions asked from someone below your question; If it would be better they sent yourself to kill first to ...
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