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How was Looney Tunes originally watched?

They were shown in cinemas before a main feature, just as Pixar films have a short beforehand today. Typically a cinema would show a film, some cartoons, and some newsreel on a constant loop. People ...
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Why does the roadrunner say "beep beep"?

As explained on Wikipedia: Chuck Jones, the creator of the Road Runner, has stated that this sound, the only way the Road Runner can harm the Coyote, was inspired by hearing a Doppler-like effect as ...
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Why does the roadrunner say "beep beep"?

Real roadrunners do not go 'beep beep', or anything much like it. Male Greater Roadrunners make a distinct co-coo-coo-coo-coooooo in a series of 3–8 downward slurring notes. Both male and female also ...
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Was Looney Tunes considered a cartoon for adults?

In the heyday of Looney Tunes, in the 1940s and 1950s, was it considered an adult cartoon or a kids cartoon? Both Cartoons were shown to all audiences as "filler" between movies, much as ...
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How was Looney Tunes originally watched?

The history of film began with short films. Thus cartoons — which are short films — were mainly viewed as part of a whole slate of items one would see when going to the movies back in the day. The ...
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Why did Looney Tunes characters become hostile to each other while they were good childhood friends?

You're trying to apply the rules of continuity to a series that has absolutely zero continuity. Events that happen in one Looney Tunes cartoon are completely ignored by the next one. Episodes end with ...
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Was Bugs Bunny a gay character?

No. Despite some news reports about Steve Blanc, alleged son of voice actor Mel Blanc, saying Bugs Bunny is gay and What's up, Doc? is a passphrase for a gay nightclub, it is just a joke article by ...
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Did Sylvester ever catch Tweety?

Sylvester actually grabs Tweety several times. Here's one example from Tweet and Lovely (1959) (it's around the halfway mark): And here's another (I Taw a Putty Tat ...
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Was Looney Tunes considered a cartoon for adults?

Was Looney Tunes considered a cartoon for adults? Yes, it was more of later developments which made it kid-friendly. From Chicago Tribune: Age segregation also is a fairly new development in ...
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Was Bugs Bunny a gay character?

There is no evidence Bugs is gay and plenty of evidence to the contrary. The sexual orientation of a fictional character is completely up to those who have creative control over the character. Since ...
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Was Bugs Bunny always The Animator?

I would highly doubt that implication. I think the animators were just having a little fun. After all, very little about those cartoons carries over; Bugs doesn't live in the same place every time, ...
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Why is Bugs Bunny's first name "Bugs"?

There are several possible explanations: Several published first person accounts, encyclopedic references, and Warner Bros.' own published material describe the inception of the name and of the ...
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Did Sylvester ever catch Tweety?

There is another cartoon called "Greedy for Tweety" (which was basically the follow-up to "Birds Anonymous") and while Sylvester, Tweety and Hector were in the hospital at that point, Sylvester did ...
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Looking for a Looney Tunes movie/episode

By the information you have given, it looks like a short pilot episode named Duck Dodgers in 24½ Century which was released in the year 1953. It stars Daffy duck as the main role an porky pig is the ...
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Were the 1934 St Louis Cardinals Team the Inspiration for Daffy Duck?

It would appear not. The name seems to have originated by his antics when audience saw him (before he had an official name) in the short Porky's Duck Hunt. Wikipedia Daffy first appeared in Porky's ...
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Was Bugs Bunny impersonating someone when he ate the carrot?

To say that Clark Gable is the only inspiration is flatly wrong: The inspirations for Jones' animations came from sources old and new, near and far, high and low. Bugs Bunny was a characteristic ...
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