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Purpose of Indian man concerning little boy in Lion

That man has plans to take that boy and force him into either labor or prostitution or sell his organs. These would be the reasons why he was fluently estimating his physical qualities. That man was ...
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Why was Dev Patel nominated for Supporting Actor rather than Best Actor?

Dev Patel plays the adult Saroo, so he is only in the movie for the last third or so. He's the main character but he's part of the resolution of the plot. It's a judgment call by the Academy, but ...
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How did Saroo find the location of his village?

Did Saroo find the actual location based on more factual information or clues than presented in the movie? Yes As an adult, he spent many hours over many months conducting searches using the ...
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Is the boy Saroo's parents adopt the austistic boy in Calcutta?

They are not the same boy, but the connection is deliberate by the filmmakers. In an interview with the real life Sue Brierly, she said Mantosh had been beaten, raped, burned and abused in an ...
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What was Ram planning to do with Saroo in Lion?

It was somewhat ambiguous. There was certainly a strong implication that Ram was up to something sexual, the way he lays on the bed next to Saroo and checks out his physique. But it could also have ...
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Where is Sheru's water tank located in real life?

With some geographical sleuthing I have answered my own question! The image from the film is of a water tower at Bagat Ki Kothi Railway Station in the south of the city of Jodhpur, about 650 km north ...
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Is the boy Saroo's parents adopt the austistic boy in Calcutta?

No; the characters have different names and are played by different actors. The boy in the orphanage is named Shonedeep, and is played by Surojit Das; Saroo's adoptive brother is named Mantosh, and ...
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