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For questions relating to the use of light to achieve certain practical or aesthetic effects. Includes the use of both natural and artificial light.

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Why do lights have a streaky flicker in some movies?

I've noticed that lights (for instance, car headlights, and sometimes other pinpoints of light) in movies occasionally have a streaky flicker emanating from them on alternate frames. You can see an ...
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Why did they choose green lighting for the lounge shootout in John Wick 3?

During the lounge shootout in John Wick 3, the lounge is lit in green, as shown here: Was this intended to be a homage to The Matrix? If not, then why was green lighting chosen for this scene?
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What exactly is a “European style of single-source lighting, which involved the use of incense burners?”

Was reading the Wikipedia article on the movie Fame (1980) and came across this line in the “Filming” section; bold emphasis is mine: “During filming, the crew and several cast members objected to ...
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Why was S08E03 so dark?

In Game of Thrones, everyone who watched the S0803 episode noticed one thing, the episode was so freaking dark, it was almost impossible to see anything. Audiences were left confused as all hell ...
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Do movies and TV shows use extra-bright flashlights?

Movie sets are very brightly lit, even for scenes that appear dark onscreen. This is because the more light there is, the better the final picture quality is. Common flashlights are not particularly ...
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Spiral-projectors / holograms (?) - how do they work? (as seen in Gambinos SNL performance)

I'm not sure if Movie&TV is the right StackExchange site for this question, but I did not find an FX-site. Here goes: In Gambino's SNL performance: There are ...
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Lighting mismatch in "All the Money in the World"

Was this scene from All the Money in the World shot with green screen? Or any way of combining two different shots? I feel like the light on the subjects doesn't match the background, I can't decide ...
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Why was the final shootout scene shot in a very dark violet tint?

In Running Scared (2005), There is a final shootout scene at an Ice Hockey rink, but this scene looks very violet/blue. Why final shootout scene shot in very dark tint?
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Was there any notable pushback against "dark" (lack of lighting) cinematography? [closed]

One of the most common "normal people" gripes I usually hear about TV shows and films is that directors love to shoot "dark" scenes (literally dark - there is not enough lighting to be able to see ...
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If you coat a lightbulb with (human) blood, will the light be tinted red?

Foreword: I understand Halloween's over but I'm still enjoying the second half of my long marathon. In Evil Dead II (1987), there is a gory scene where blood is splattered onto a lightbulb, and the ...
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How are the natural sunlight effects achieved while shooting?

While watching Seinfeld, many times I have noticed the natural (seems like natural?) sunlight coming through windows of Jerry's apartment. Same light effect can be seen at the cafe. How are such ...
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Are lights a worthwhile investment?

If Terrence Malick can get such gorgeous images using almost entirely natural/available light, why do filmmakers bother with artificial lights? From behind-the-scenes material, you learn that much of ...
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First appearance of the walk down a black hallway with evenly spaced circles of light?

What is the first film or television show to employ this trope: character walks away down a blackened hallway with overhead light fixtures creating evenly spaced circles of light on the floor? In ...
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Lighting during a night scene

Many movies contain a scene that is portrayed as taking place during the night. Due to the low amount of light some tricks are applied. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much info on this. To me it seems ...
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