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How was this scene in Jurassic World shot?

The director Colin Trevorrow said it was all real. Well, up to the dinosaur part, they haven't figured out how to get around the AHA rules. The stunts for the kill scene were done by [Zara Young's ...
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Why did they scrap the old park in Jurassic World?

I had the impression that the management team of the company running Jurassic World is different from the one that was managing Jurassic Park, although some members might be related if I recall ...
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What happened to other characters from previous movies of Jurassic Park in Jurassic World

Very early in the process, several of the actors had been, at various points, asked to reprise roles. Obviously, by the time the final draft had been accepted, Sir Richard Attenborough had passed ...
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When did Owen get the tracking implant of the Indominus Rex in Jurassic World?

There were survivors after the attack of Indominous Rex. Here is a snapshot. We can clearly see lifeline of ACU member in back. Since there were survivors, one of them might have brought the tracking ...
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Why is the Indominus Rex called this way?

In universe it's clearly because it's supposed to be an improvement on tyrannosaurus Rex. Out of universe, the name is literary foreshadowing. It's a significant name trope. Indomitable, they try to ...
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Why did they scrap the old park in Jurassic World?

In the beginning of the film, Claire says that a man wearing a Jurassic Park shirt was poor taste. I think that all of the employees at Jurassic World have a sincere respect for all of the men who ...
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