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You do not need to know anything about the original 1995 movie to understand the 2017 movie. The 2017 Jumanji has almost nothing to do with the original 1995 Jumanji. It is in essence a complete reboot of the franchise. There are a couple very brief references to the original, but they do not actually impact the story in any meaningful way. The references ...


They never said that up loud but the common theory is Hunter is manifestation of Alan's fears. From tvtropes: Jonathan Hyde plays both Alan's father and Van Pelt. A common theory is that Jumanji conjures up Van Pelt by taking the form of the person you had dreaded the most, and for Alan, it's his father—especially since Van Pelt spouts out the same ...


Jumanji and Zathura are both based on books by Chris Van Allsburg. The only other book of his that has been adapted into a film is The Polar Express, which is not about a magical board game.

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