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I agree! It was cancelled due to the lack of support of the show. The second season is still a "complete" season, it just wraps things up pretty quickly. If you're still interested in what happens after season two there is apparently a comic that came out to continue the story where it was left off. (Not sure if its fan made or fan supported or made by the ...


Only seven episodes were ordered for the short second season. There were two endings filmed: the one that aired had an emotional conclusion and many of the fans were satisfied with that. The alternate ending, available in full on the 2nd season DVD, was the original ending that led into season 3. The Jericho comics/graphic novels continue the story from ...


I can't say for sure about Hawkins; the season was being wrapped up ridiculously quickly and many loose ends were left. Personally, I think he was going for the martyr route but survived anyway as a hero with a happy ending. In regards to the bomb, it wasn't so much that the bomb would be used as a weapon. Instead the bomb was evidence that would be used to ...


Not sure, however, you may be interested in checking out the Jericho comic. It picks up as a comic book version of season 3. So, if you're a Jericho fan and interested in finding out more about what happens, I'd look into this. As a note, although I do have the comic, I haven't read it yet so I honestly don't know how good it is!

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