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Why was there a 14 year gap between The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2?

The ending of The Incredibles was never meant as a pointer to a sequel. As Brad Bird — who wrote and directed the movie — told CinemaBlend: How did that Pixar adventure end? The family was leaving ...
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Why was Spencer Fox replaced by Huck Milner as Dashiell "Dash" Parr in Incredibles 2?

This was explained by Brad Bird (the director of the movie) at the D23 Expo in June 2017: Director Brad Bird revealed at D23 Expo that, with the exception of Dash's Spencer Fox, the main cast ...
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What was the antagonist trying to accomplish?

The intention is to permanently sour the world to super heroes. I'm pretty sure she actually emphasizes the word "permanently" at some point in her explanation to ElastiGirl. Through the actions of ...
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Jack-Jack's powers

(Spoiler alert - if you haven't watched the movie yet) Jack Jack has demonstrated 17 different powers in the movie They are Electrokinesis (When Bob discovered Jack Jack Had powers, baby ...
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How can Jack-Jack have so many powers compared to the rest of the kids of his age?

So Brad Bird has explained this one quite succinctly; He's quoted to say: "What interests me is the idea of having a family, having there be a reason to hide the powers," Bird said. "And once I ...
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Do I need to see The Incredibles to understand Incredibles 2?

Since we know that The Incredibles 2 will pick up immediately from where the first movie left off, what happens in The Incredibles is actually quite important to the sequel. The most important thing ...
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Why is everyone surprised by Jack-Jack's powers?

They couldn't see what was going on when Syndrome kidnapped Jack Jack. Jack Jack starts displaying his powers when he and Syndrome are waaay up in the air. Here's the family's POV: Those two blue ...
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What happened to Underminer in the Incredibles 2?

If you wait until the very end of the credits, you can see his 'escape drill' riding away underground. At least in the time frame contemplated by this movie, he escapes.
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Why was there a 14 year gap between The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2?

much like the first film, Incredibles 2 will explore "the roles of men and women; the importance of fathers participating; the importance of allowing women to also express themselves through work, and ...
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How do the Incredibles put on their suits?

It seems clear that Edna Mode designs suits for each person individually and caters for individual requirements. However, there is no confirmation that any suit is actually only one-piece...but the ...
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Why isn't there an "I" (Incredibles logo) on Jack-Jack's suit?

Jack Jack's suit has a few notable differences to the rest of his family. Doesn't have the Incredible logo Doesn't have the "belt" Doesn't have the accented underwear line Doesn't have gloves Doesn'...
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Why didn't Helen close her eyes and keep them closed?

The hypnosis happens fairly quickly while Helen and Evelyn are talking (about a second in movie time) and with Evelyn being a small distance away with a small remote to trigger the hypnosis, so it's ...
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Why didn't the guns pop up in Incredibles 2?

No more demonstration is needed. The suit is bulletproof, as a default, there is no need to prove it over again. The Incredibles Edna: Shh! Darling! Shh! I cut it a little roomy for the ...
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