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Who played the locksmith in the first Men in Black film?

I think the character in question is Munro Gabler A minor actor with 3 credited parts in the films Jersey Guy (2003), Ultraviolet (2001) and Passing Stones (2001) I came to this conclusion when I ...
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Who is the actress who plays the adorable girl who welcomes Sol into the suicide/euthanasia clinic?

She's indeed not credited on Soylent Green's IMDb page, but on actress Diane Dye's IMDb page, there's the following tidbit from the message board: Cameo appearance uncredited in Soylent Green (1973)...
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Is Heath Ledger seen in the restaurant scene in The Dark Knight?

With about 99% certainty, I can tell you its not Heath Ledger, but a guy with similar hair. If you blow up the photo, the differences between Heath and that extra become more pronounced. You can see ...
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In "Mr. Turner", who is the man in the red robe?

Unfortunately, I do not think this person is as significant as you think. It appears that Mr "Grout" is nothing more than attendant/guard/docent type. The robes would, I suspect, be the standard '...
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British movie about war crimes

Could it be The Mark of Cain ? Plot: ... British film about our recent military campaigns in the Middle East, this time in Iraq, where two 18-year-old soldiers named Gulliver and Tate return ...
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Who is this extra in Zodiac?

Pretty sure this is a cameo by LA anchor and sportscaster Barry LeBrock. Barry LeBrock is an American sportscaster, based in Los Angeles, California. LeBrock is one of the primary anchors on FSN ...
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