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Why did all the Characters in "Hugo" have English Accents?

Why should they have an accent? By your own logic, they should be speaking French, since that is what Parisian's would commonly speak amongst themselves. However, translation convention and the ...
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In the movie "Hugo", what are these Pictures supposed to mean?

I think it's the photos of all the children he has caught stealing at the station and whom he has successfully handed over to the orphanage. That's the only thing that makes sense, being present in ...
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Was the depiction of George Méliès accurate to what we know about his life?

In general his portrayal is accurate: The backstory and primary features of Georges Méliès' life as depicted in the film are largely accurate: He became interested in film after seeing a ...
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In the movie "Hugo", what are these Pictures supposed to mean?

As stated in the movie itself, every character has their purpose in life that they are magically drawn to: Georges creates illusions Hugo fixes things and people Isabelle does adventures (?) And the ...
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