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Relevance of the paint thinner episode in Hereditary?

Someone on Reddit asked Ari Aster about this in his Reddit AMA: The more I think about it, the more it seems that Annie’s actions while “sleepwalking” are directly opposing the resurrection of Paimon....
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Why/how did Annie's father starve himself to death

This is something I've been wondering about as well and the theory I've come up with is that the grandmother, Annie's mother, was perhaps feeding her husband, Annie's father, something that was ...
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Why wasn't Peter grandma's favourite?

Based on how I understood the movie, Peter's grandma was part of the cult, while ever since Annie allowed Charlie near her, Charlie was possessed by Paiman. Grandma worshipped Paiman, Paiman is in ...
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Why did Annie do this at the end of Hereditary?

Annie is possessed by Paimon. For this reason, She chops her own head off. The decapitations were needed for the ritual. Charlie’s death was designed by the cult: Charlie sticks her head out of ...
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In Hereditary, how does Annie get into the attic?

I think that at this point Peter is already lost, and that Paimon is just viciously playing with the members of the family whose souls or bodies he has been offered. During those scenes we see Annie's ...
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Why/how did Annie's father starve himself to death

We don't get a definitive answer to this question. However... We know that Paimon prefers a male vessel, which could lead us to assume that Annie's mother, Ellen, would have already tried to summon ...
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Was this a technical mistake in Hereditary?

There's no reason her grandmother couldn't have books in other languages referencing Mesopotamian deities. For example, I love vintage matchbook graphics, and I have books in Japanese that reference ...
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Why do Joan and Annie's children have their names sewed on mats?

The door mats were made by Annie's mother, Leigh, . Those who are part of the ritual have a mat on their name. The only key point is that Joan's mat has been made because she is willfully part of ...
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In Hereditary, how does Annie get into the attic?

It is very likely for one of the cultists that opens the attic door for Annie. Please refer to this captured image from the movie. It was taken right after Peter escaped into the attic and before ...
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