Because that is not Bond's mission. The mission is to establish how Goldfinger is illegally transferring gold out of the country so the government can seize his assets. As yet, we have failed to discover how he transfers his gold overseas, and Lord knows we've tried. If your department can establish that it is done illegally, then the Bank could institute ...


It seems the women in James Bond's love life often have provocative names: Honey Rider, Dr. No (1961): 1960s sexual position name for reverse cowgirl Domino Vitali/Petachi, Thunderball (1965) and Never Say Never Again (1983): Dominatrix? Kissy Suzuki, You Only Live Twice (1967): "kissing machine"? Tiffany Case, Diamonds Are Forever (1971): beautiful ...


The meaning of the name "Pussy Galore" is essentially "abundant sex" (with "Pussy" meaning sex and "Galore" meaning abundant). The name "Pussy Galore" is intended to make viewers laugh. The humor is largely driven by how the name is such an obvious, crude reference to sex. Remember the movie came out in 1964, when audiences were much less de-sensitized ...


There is also a Wikipedia entry on the character, which explains the meaning and origin: As with many of Ian Fleming's creations, the name is a double entendre—in this case with respect to pussy, which is both another word for a housecat and a slang term for vulva and vagina, while galore means an abundant or plentiful supply of something.


The 1964 script auctioned by Bonhams in 2014 does not state her method of death: EXT. EDGE OF WOODS. EFFECT SHOT Bowler hitting TILLY's neck. She crashes to the ground, lies still. EXT. ASTON MARTIN. BOND Gun empty now. CAMERA PANS WITH HIM as he runs to TILLY, HOLDS as he reaches her. He kneels down beside her, turns her over. She is dead..... ...


That's really a question only Ian Fleming can answer, but he did use double entendres quite often when naming his female characters. In this case the double entendre is (hidden because it's not polite conversation):


The entire scene looks like it was shot on the same day, in the same location, but not in the order you see it presented. In the establishing shot with Odd Job loading the golf clubs into the boot (trunk) we see the sun is left of the building and low. The main facade of that building faces North, so that makes the timing roughly early evening - golden hour. ...


I think even now it would play out as in the film. It's not that Goldfinger is quietly making the gold radioactive, there is a nuclear bomb involved, which would be slightly difficult to conceal the explosion. If anything it could be worse, other countries may assume ANY reserve is radioactive, so all reserves may decrease in value.


It's an obvious sexual innuendo ("pussy" is probably the most-often used slang term for "vagina", and if you don't know what "galore" means then you need a dictionary), which was spoofed in the Austin Powers movies (Alotta Fagina).

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