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Why does Bender say "Please insert girder"?

Bending girders is what Bender was built for - and when his personality was removed, he defaulted to his original programming. If you notice he (almost) always has his arms out when asking to "...
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Why does Bender say "Please insert girder"?

To extend HorusKol's answer, the phrase is also riffing on many variations of Please insert disk that a computer might display when initially starting up. Bender is simply substituting Girder for ...
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In Futurama, why does Nixon howl?

The voice actor for the character, Billy West, once stated he does the howl because Nixon reminded him of a werewolf... I personally don't see the resemblance though.
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What was the joke behind the headless clone of Spiro Agnew in Futurama?

I’ve always understood the joke being, Agnew was Nixons lacky in reality, and is his lacky in the show, but in a classic evil villain style. Since Nixon doesn’t have a body, his new Agnew clone lacky ...
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The Futurama Theorem

Based on the creative process, and the focus of the theorem, it would seem most likely that the theorem was based on a planned plot. For instance, the discussion most likely ran like this: Writer 1: &...
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What are the words spoken in the Futurama theme song?

This seems to match fairly well to what i heard in the song. https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Christopher-Tyng/Futurama-Series-Theme-TV-Version The only exceptions being: (1) I will get 24 centry up ...
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The Futurama Theorem

My understanding is that he came up with the theorem specifically to use for this episode. i.e. he wanted to write an episode about mind-switching, so did the math for it. Ken Keeler is credited as ...
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