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First of all, this is technically speaking an unnamed villain, NOT Blofeld (despite resembling him). To quote Wikipedia: John Hollis as the "bald villain in wheelchair",[12] voiced by Robert Rietti.[13] The character appears in the pre-credits sequence and is both unnamed and uncredited. The character contains a number of characteristics of Ernst Stavro ...


There are certain rules in relation to what can be put on gravestones. Though these differ by authorities/ Diocese. The Diocese of Oxford, for example, says that "inscriptions must be simple, reverent and theologically acceptable; they may include appropriate quotations from the scriptures or literary sources." Nicknames or pet names are allowed, ...


No translation is given, I think, because it is not necessary to follow what is going on: Bond wins. If you understand Baccarat, you will follow the game. But let's see where my rusty French will go. Let's use the following notation: (time) English (French): (0:07) 500,000 from Banker (Cinq cent mille le Banco) (0:08) Who will match? (Qui fait Banco? (I ...


You would have thought he was in the wheelchair because of what happend in O.H.M.S.S . here is the scene Bobsled chase neck injury blofelds neck gets caught in a branch severley injuring him . but he seems fine in diamonds are forever untill the end described in the answer above

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