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Was Alex Forrest's suicide attempt a symbolic representation of Madame Butterfly?

Yes. There are several symbolic references to Madame Butterfly throughout this movie. White: Fatal Attraction: Alex Forrest's apartment is decorated in monochromatic white. Alex's dress in the ...
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In Fatal Attraction what did Alex want Dan to do?

It’s very common in American films to treat love as a powerful overwhelming force. I assume that’s because most of us actually experience love that way. Common philosophy of love includes the idea ...
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In Fatal Attraction what did Alex want Dan to do?

Alex doesn't know. Alex acted on impulse and I don't believe she was prepared to develope feelings for Dan. Alex wants Dan to accept her and reciprocate her strong feelings. She has a debilitating ...
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Was Alex Forrest actually pregnant?

In the novelisation we see him speaking to the gynaecologist. There doesn't seem to be any ambiguity. She's confirmed as pregnant and has told the doctor that Dan is the father. Before he left, he ...
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