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Movie involving a cute blonde woman that fights a dragon

I am sure you're looking for Sucker Punch (2011) Here's a trailer: And here's your dragon scene:
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Puppet-like fantasy characters. Female has wings while male does not

You're describing "The Dark Crystal," 1982, a Jim Henson production billed as featuring no human actors at all. It's a kind of precursor to the lighter, more popular "Labyrinth." The protagonists are ...
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Looking for a fantasy/fairytale-ish movie (80s/90s) - girl in a crash dreaming up a fantasy world

I cannot find out how she goes to Toyland in this movies (If she actually hits her head), but is it by any chance Babes in Toyland (1986)? Its a movie about an 11 year-old girl (Drew Barrymore) who ...
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Does David Lynch consider his own films to be science fiction / fantasy?

David Lynch himself, as I see it, takes great pride in the fact that his films are not of a specific genre. In many interviews[1], he implies that not only the meaning of his films is up to the ...
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ID this movie about rebels fighting high tech God

Stargate, the film that spawned a franchise.
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Sci-fi/paranormal TV show from the 90s to 2000s - Female investigator

This sounds like Poltergeist: The Legacy. It ran in the late 90s on Showtime and the Sci Fi Channel. It was about a team of paranormal investigators and one of them was Dr. Rachel Corrigan, a widow ...
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Where did the story-line of Warehouse 13 and The Librarians originate?

The concept of <group/person/thing> that <protects/collects/defends/exploits> one or more <artifacts/books/spells> is fairly old. Heck, you could view the fellowship of the ring as ...
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Looking for an 80's/90's animated fantasy movie with a unicorn

Unico is a unicorn character in three animated films, which feature a woman in a diaphanous robe as one of the main characters. Unico: Black Cloud and White Feather (1979 Japan) The Fantastic ...
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Fantasy Movie - Man who wants revenge

Sounds like you're looking for Sword of Vengeance (2015) The movie is centered around a Prince looking for vengeance on his uncle: the film proceeds to depict the efforts of Norman prince Shadow ...
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Sci-fi/paranormal TV show from the 90s to 2000s - Female investigator

I'm going to take a swing with "So Weird" (1999-2001) Specifically, season one starts off as "...with Fiona Phillips on ...
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