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How much Cantonese and Mandarin is in Everything Everywhere all at Once?

For anyone wondering, I went to the cinema to watch it, and while I was able to follow and did enjoy it, it was incredibly frustrating not knowing what was being said for large portions of the film. I ...
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Where did Jobu Tupaki's name come from?

In-universe, it does not seem to have any meaning. Evelyn says: You’re just saying random sounds. Out-universe too, it seems to be just nonsensical or random words, as per an interview with Daniel ...
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Which aspect ratios are used in Everything Everywhere?

IMDB lists these aspect ratios: 1.33 : 1 1.85 : 1 2.00 : 1 2.39 : 1 As for when and why they're used: Aspect ratio Movie usage Reasoning 1.33:1 Flashback scenes (e.g. the life story shown in the ...
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Which aspect ratios are used in Everything Everywhere?

According to this: The film adopts distinct aspect ratios for the various universes and time frames in the film, with 1.85:1 used for the scenes with the “normal world” and 2.39:1 for the core “epic” ...
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