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Was the production team of E.T. (1982) movie aware that they have been using a look-alike toy of infamous Annabelle doll?

It's not a paranormal reference. It's the doll from the popular Raggedy Ann franchise, which sold 7 million book copies by 1940 and spawned a very popular line of dolls that were first made in 1960. (...
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If E.T was left on Earth by his spaceship, and he couldn't fly up to it, how come he could fly in that bike?

Well it's a different thing to fly a spaceship back to a planet and fly a bike a few meters into the air. Just like you can throw a stone a few meters up in the air but not to Alpha Centauri, E.T.'s ...
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What actually happened with E.T. under the plastic sheet?

In the novelization by Alan Dean Foster it says that ET's ship was returning at that point and they sent an energizing beam/pulse down to his "magic" finger which resulted in a sort of jump start of ...
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Is this scene with Djarin and the Child an allusion to a scene in E.T.?

Possibly, yes. In a recant interview with Executive Producer Jon Favreau per Deadline, Favreau explains how the introductory scene with the Child was in part influenced by Steven Spielberg's E.T. ...
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How does Elliott start feeling/behaving like E.T.?

The moment E.T. touched his glowing fingertip to the cut on Eliot's finger, which he got from mishandling the buzz-saw blade among the items collected to help E.T. build his S.O.S. beacon, the two ...
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