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Were the songs in Encanto written with consideration of the Spanish versions?

A lot of thought went into the music of the movie according to this NPR interview with composer Germaine Franco. According to the article, when Lin Manuel Miranda began writing the music he: “…wanted ...
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Is there any greater meaning behind the inclusion of religious elements in Disney's Encanto?

In an interview, Jared Bush, one of the writers/directors said: we got to go down to Colombia, and we spent a couple weeks with families in tiny, small towns where we met some more really great ...
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Who are the soldiers Abuela & Pedro are fleeing?

Colombia had a civil war between 1948 and 1957 (known as "La Violencia"), which ended with a truce and a bipartisan "National Front" government. However, this government soon ended ...
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For the gift to work do you need to stay there?

In short, we don't know. The entire film takes place in a magically charmed town surrounded on all sides by impassable mountains. Bruno, in the film's novelisation, indicates that he did briefly ...
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Climax of the film Encanto

In a word, no (or possibly maybe). Mirabel certainly doesn't receive any overt gifts at the end of Encanto, but she does seem to have the same powers that Abuela manifested, e.g. sustaining the ...
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