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Why are honorifics not translated in dubbed movies?

Well, first of all, that's not always the case. But for this discussion we can ignore that and just focus on movies that do use original honorifics. Dubbing gets complicated when characters with ...
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Why are honorifics not translated in dubbed movies?

Matt has a good answer, but there's another aspect of things here. There may be no direct translation for the honorific, causing it's meaning to change into something unintended. By changing the ...
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Why are honorifics not translated in dubbed movies?

In real life I will usually give a person's honorific in his native language, if I'm confident that I know it correctly and if I think the other persons in the room will recognize it. For example when ...
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Are David Attenborough documentaries still dubbed in the US?

They were but possibly not anymore Planet Earth was made in 2006. Since then there have been 3 major David Attenborough productions that were also shown in the US, along with a 4th that may have ...
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Why did French Canadians dub Slap Shot in Canadian Quebec French instead of Canadian French?

According to, the official canadian dubbing website: This movie has been dubbed in Joual, a particular from of French Canadian language. Here is an article I will try to translate ...
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How to get started watching English movies as a non native speaker?

The responses here will be subjective, but I am writing because I feel what you are talking about. I speak native English, but I know Italian and French to some degree and have watched movies in those ...
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How do they keep maintaining the same dubbing voice in TV shows which longs for several years?

In the case of the Simpsons, all of the main characters have been voiced by adults, and the same adults have voiced the same characters since the show started. As for the Powerpuff Girls, many ...
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How are films dubbed into different languages?

It's not QUITE as difficult as it may first appear. Just as one example, the company that does the English dub for Ranma½ does a remarkable job - translating from Japanese while maintaining lip-sync ...
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How is dubbing done for fight sequences?

It can be done during post-production, as part of the Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR) process Matthew Wood, from the Star Wars clip below, talks about how: ...the sounds [recorded on set] don't ...
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How do actors create the same emotion during sound dubbing sessions?

This Google Book Result explains some techniques. (wordings are mine) The actors memorize their parts. During dubbing, a guiding sound comes at fairly low level. Those actors say their lines at their ...
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Did Wonder Woman (2017) receive an official Hindi dub?

No From An inside source has confirmed that Justice League will be releasing in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. The news doesn’t come as a surprise as the magnitude for the movie is much ...
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Why do translated subtitles differ from the dubbed voice?

it appears that the movie was translated twice by two different teams That definitely happens. One striking example is the Japanese movie Akira, which has potentially four different English ...
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Are the English language songs in "American Dad" sung in the viewer's native language when aired in non-English speaking countries?

In general, no. The songs remain in English, using the original voice track rather than rerecordings. They only add subtitles, often with a very rough 1:1 translation. Also this is only done for ...
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Which translation is more correct, the dubbing or subtitle?

Watching movies in different languages that I can understand, more or less, my point of view (I watch movies that are not in my native language with subs, with my girlfriend who speaks something else, ...
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How did US viewers learn The Simpsons episodes' names?

A lot of this has to do with culture. The name of an episode could spoil the plot. TV guides etc often gave episode titles, but in general, viewers were in these kinds of shows expected to not have a ...
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Is it common to watch movies with just subtitles when you don't understand the language?

It's difficult to answer a question like this, as it is strongly about personal opinion. I will try to give a short answer related to french people (it might be different for english natives). For ...
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Why do translated subtitles differ from the dubbed voice?

Foreign language subtitles and foreign language overdubs have different constraints: Overdubs must match the mouth and face movements of the actor if they are visible, and must at least be ...
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Why do the subtitles and audio of the Spanish version of Daredevil not match?

Dubbing something and creating subtitles are two different jobs. When you write subtitles, you need to stay the closest of the original text you also need to be brief in order to keep the attention ...
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Subtitling vs. dubbing and vice versa

To put it shortly: Cinema is no more visual or less vocal than theater, and in one respect it is more vocal: only in cinema we have iconic voices like that of Vincent Price, even Schwarzenegger or ...
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Why are honorifics not translated in dubbed movies?

Other answers have covered cultural reasons for preserving the original honorifics, but there is also a technical difficulty in dubbing. Many dubbed films will try (at least a little) to synchronize ...
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Why do some productions choose not to overdub foreign characters?

TL:DR - They think no-one will notice. I think sometimes there's a reason - Pete Postlethwaite with a dodgy perhaps Indian accent in The Usual Suspects - as the entire story was told by an unreliable ...
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Do other-language dubs rerecord sound effects?

I can remember, that when the game Kinect Star Wars was dubbed to Polish, the lines where dubbed, but laughter was kept original. And it looked and sounded very bad. Answering your question: this ...
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Why were the songs not translated/dubbed into German?

The Wikipedia article about the Brave soundtrack says Differently from songs from Disney musical movies, in movies where the songs are only used as a background, Disney Character Voices International ...
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Why did French Canadians dub Slap Shot in Canadian Quebec French instead of Canadian French?

I'll try to answer this question since I'm a French-Canadian. I'll start about the French-Canadian thing. BTW @Steve-O, nice comment dude :) North America started with the natives then came others ...
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