A TV/film genre that depends mostly on in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes.

Drama film is a genre that relies on the emotional and relational development of realistic characters. While Drama film relies heavily on this kind of development, dramatic themes such as - alcoholism, drug addiction, infidelity, moral dilemmas, racial prejudice, religious intolerance, sexuality, poverty, class divisions, violence against women and corruption put the characters in conflict with themselves, others, society and even natural phenomena - a large role in the plot as well.

Often, these dramatic themes are taken from intense, real life issues. Whether heroes or heroines are facing a conflict from the outside or a conflict within themselves, Drama film aims to tell an honest story of human struggles.

Drama is the most broad of movies genres and includes subgenres as romantic drama, biography, period drama, courtroom drama, dramedy, historical, melodrama, political and tragedy.