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Why is Cyborg in Doom Patrol instead of Titans?

Screenrant explains the change and connections, suggesting that Cyborg fits thematically in couple of ways, is connected to Doom Patrol in a secondary way, and believes his presence will help attract ...
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Why have Doom Patrol and Titans been broken up into separate continuities?

They have never been in the same continuity. Most people assume that they share the same continuity, and particularly that the Doom Patrol episode of the first season of Titans is a backdoor pilot. ...
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Who was the nitrogenised girl?

The patient's name is Shyleen Lao. She is DC superheroine Fever. According to wikipedia, she appeared in Doom Patrol (in 2001, volume 3 #1 (her first appearance)) Teen Titans (#59) Terror Titans (#1, ...
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