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How were Danny & Abra getting their shine to live?

No one needed to absorb shining to live a normal length life. The group Rose the Hat led adsorbed victims' shining so they could continually stay young. Danny and Abra didn't need to absorb anyone's ...
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Creepy Ancient Lady in the Bathtub in Doctor Sleep

Although I haven't seen Doctor Sleep; it seems clear from your description that this is a reference to a well-known scene in Stephen King's The Shining (warning: graphic content).
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What's the meaning of the last scene when the girl has a dead lady in the bathroom?

The movie shows the struggles that Danny had, and the development and acceptance of her powers that Abra goes through. Mrs. Massey, the ancient lady, is recognised as one of the strongest entities at ...
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Who are these ghosts that visit Dan?

It was the girl he slept with at the beginning. He did take his money back from her. He used it later at the bus station to see how far he could get away from there. I think the girl probably died ...
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