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Director Neil Blomkamp has revealed that the "prawns" are a hive-like species, much like bees, who have somehow lost their queen. All of the prawns we see are "drones" who can barely think for themselves, and they definitely can't organize themselves towards a common goal. Since they were never given an order to fight back, they were contented with living in ...


Both the fluids are same, as it's revealed in the plot lines of Wikipedia Christopher discloses that the fluid in the canister is fuel which would allow him to reactivate the dormant mothership and reverse Wikus' mutation. As we saw in the movie only Wikus transforms into an alien. That means only direct contact with fuel triggers the transformation (...


Your parallel is slightly off. It's not Biko that Wikus is related to but Biko's friend, Donald Woods from "Cry Freedom". Both Wikus and Woods were initially of the governing race, and both started with adversarial relationship to Biko/alien known as Christopher Johnson, only later to turn into friends.


Yes you missed the scene where Christopher's son activated the killer robot which is actually a battle suit. As it is clear from the following wiki plot lines Christopher's son activates the mothership and an alien mechanized battle suit which saves Wikus by killing Obesandjo and his men. Wikus takes control of the battle suit and rescues Christopher


tl dr: These were made as a stylistic trilogy by Blomkamp, but do not reside in the same universe. Tetra Vaal was a short which Neill Blomkamp did in 2004. Watching it, you can tell right away it was the forerunner to Chappie which came out in 2015. While these movies could appear to be related, it's my belief the only ...


Immediately before Wikus gets in the alien battle mech "suit," there is no indication that anyone is controlling the mech. So the mech appears to autonomously and efficiently defend itself: halting and collecting (with some sort of force field) the hail of bullets fired at it, and then discharging the ball of bullets back at the humans who had fired them. ...

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