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Movie where retired weak cop stumbles on three women kidnapped by two black men?

Brooklyn's Finest Here's the scene
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Movie where serial killer puts all the women he kills in the water like a "underwater garden"

Sounds like TV movie Cabin by the Lake from 2000. A screenwriter does research for his new script by actually kidnapping and drowning young girls. He then places them in his "garden" of other dead ...
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Teenage boy who witnesses the murder of his neighbor

Sounds like "The Darklings" from 1999 "The fact that Tippi Hedren is cast as the grandmother of the protagonist is hardly the only Hitchcock reference in the made-for-cable thriller The Darklings. ...
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Has there ever been a police procedural with occasional recurring supernatural elements?

Well, since you have Fringe on your list, which IMO is a hybrid of story of the week and searialization, which becomes more serialized as the series goes on, one that comes to mind is Longmire. ...
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Please help identify late 80's/early 90's movie: "Catfish" scams women

This movie is "Highway Heartbreak" 1992 made-for-TV starring Heather Locklear and John Schneider. No keywords for it are on IMDB; I found it as its teleplay was written by the same author as "The Man ...
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Where does the "hooded hacker" cliché comes from?

It all went down (south?) from cyberpunk look1 to facebook look2. I believe that the cliché of the youngster anonymized by his hoodie is just because it's easy to picture the "underworld" (...
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Has there ever been a police procedural with occasional recurring supernatural elements?

Castle (with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic) is a police procedural with comedic elements of the "lawperson and a non-lawperson: together they fight crime!" type (similar to "Bones"...
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