Phoebe is the Queen of Mean. She really believes in both gravity and evolution, she's just playing a nasty trick on Ross. See, after Ross admits the possibility that he's wrong, she says "that was fun."


Yes. There is a scene set earlier that shows the control. With the switch in the middle, the Vacu-Suck was "off". When the switch was moved down, or away from the hand it was set to "on" (or suck). However, towards the end of the movie, Lone Star points his Schwartz ring at Mega Maid's control switch and it moves from "On" to &...


I think, that Phoebe only kidding. She says one Day this and the next Day the opposite. But generally she´s believing in gravity. Think about the Episode, where she think, that the Spirit of her dead Mother lives in the Cat.


Actually, even though it says it’s a direct sequel, and it is...the two movies overlap quite a bit during the first 45 minutes or more of the film. They are shown from two different perspectives. Skyline was mostly filmed from outside the city in that fancy high rise just off the coast. Beyond Skyline was filmed mostly from the inner city...until everyone ...

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