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What does Lucifer mean at the end of Constantine?

He meant that God is not with Gabriel Gabriel is trying to smite Lucifer with all his God-given might... just to be easily rebuked by Lucifer. So it is obvious from this, that God doesn't approve ...
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Why is Lucifer portrayed with dirty feet?

According to Peter Stormare: But I said, “My experience from stage is, if you do a devil or a really, really mean guy onstage, you usually come in like in Chekhov, off-white linens suit. My ...
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More comic book accurate portrayal of Constantine

In general, the Arrowverse interpretation of Constantine is far more closely aligned to the comics than the movie version. Some of the key aspects where the movie diverges: Constantine is from ...
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In Constantine, why did Lucifer grant John a wish?

Lucifer offers John a favor for helping stop his son from ruling Earth. Lucifer wants John's soul for all of the demons he's sent back to hell, but Earth is the overall goal of his ambitions. ...
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Question about man with rapidly graying hair in Constantine

There is a common TV/Movie trope of shock or trauma causing a character's hair to turn grey/white almost instantly (if not overnight) However, most "medical opinion" is that this is not ...
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In Constantine, why did Lucifer grant John a wish?

Lucifer is often protrayed as having a sense of obligation. (e.g. The Devil Went Down To Georgia - "The Devil bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat and he laid that golden fiddle on the ...
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Gabriel's Wristbands in Constantine

I asked the same question over on SF&F and received the following answer: According to the film's director (on the disk audio commentary), the hospital bracelets signify various human 'aspects' ...

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