He probably meant this Lenin text: There is a Latin tag, cui prodest? Meaning, “who stands to gain?” When it is not immediately apparent which political or social groups, forces or alignments advocate certain proposals, measures, etc., one should always ask: “Who stands to gain?” [...] In politics it is not so important who directly advocates particular ...


Not really. First of all, just about everyone involved brought about this complex situation. Everyone's (usually misguided) choices - Bunny, the Dude, the big Lebowski and the nihilists themselves - put the nihilists in that parking lot, so everyone would be responsible for Donny's death. And we don't even know Donny's prior health condition. In short, you ...


The line was probably changed to a funnier/clearer one. It isn't uncommon that scripts differ from actual movies, professional acting and directing not always require to follow every word of the script.

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