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Pt1. Super Girls S05E09 Pt2. Batwoman S01E09 Pt3. The Flash S06E09 Pt4. Arrow S08E08 Pt5. Legends ot Tomorrow S05E0 You're welcome 😁


Here's a chart I made recently. It briefly covers the events and their time of occurrence in the series.


You are correct. There are three linear timelines: Yennefer's, Geralt's, and Ciri's, which start at different times but all coincide by the final two episodes. Here is a timeline of the events depicted in the show: Dates and relative position of events are taken from 3 sources: In-show dialogue: Ep.1 Ciri: You won your first battle at Hochebuz when you ...


Each episode of the first season of the show covers different stories from the first books by Andrzej Sapkowski. For example: Episode 1 - The End's Beginning is based on the 4th story from the book The Last Wish, called The Lesser Evil. Episode 6 - Rare Species is based on the first story from the book Sword of Destiny, called The Bounds of Reason. Even ...

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