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Do District 9 and Chappie take place in the same universe?

tl dr: These were made as a stylistic trilogy by Blomkamp, but do not reside in the same universe. Tetra Vaal was a short which Neill Blomkamp did in 2004. Watching it, you can tell right away it was ...
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Is the orange coat guy getting killed a reference to South Park's Kenny?

Since there's at least one explicit reference in Chappie to South Park it's well worth trying to make a connection. Even though the following does not address the Kenny reference it does give general ...
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What do the 2 different labels on Chappie mean?

There is an old Punk Rock movie Suburbia in which the characters lived in an abandoned house known as the T.R. or "Total Reject" house. In that movie they actually had to brand "TR" on their arms. ...
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