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Why are there lines missing from the Netflix versions of Buffy?

These are episodes that were shortened by the studios for syndication or a DVD release. In this particular case, Once More With Feeling was an extra long episode that ran 8 minutes longer than usual ...
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How did Giles get to know who is the Key in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Buffy tells Giles in Season 5 Episode 6 "Family": Cut to Joyce's house, night. Giles and Buffy sit in the living room. They talk quietly. GILES: Uh, I don't know what to say. BUFFY: Tell me ...
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Is Buffy the Vampire Slayer the first teen feminist hero of US TV?

No. Buffy debuted in 1996, My So Called Life debuted in 1994. You may also consider Blossom, which debuted in 1990 and even The Patty Duke Show, which dates back to 1965, as examples of teenage ...
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Did the producers of "Buffy" know that the show would be renewed before the Season 5 finale?

Buffy was originally aired on the WB, but it was produced by 20th Century Fox. According to the sources I found, it sounds like there was never any question that the show would be renewed beyond ...
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Effects of events in Angel to the Buffy Storyline

Because the hell mouth acts like a pocket dimension. Same reason that the three dweeb are able to make super science androids and other technology. The hell mouth operates differently than normal ...
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Why "Buffy" the movie is considered worse than the tv show with the same name?

It is really in the provided text: the movie was "ok-ish" and forgettable: a bit silly comedy about teenager killing vampires, something really hard to relate to. The TV show director has ...
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Why does Andrew Borba say "pork and beans"?

While it's easy to disregard Borba's words as the random raves of some lunatic, I believe there is a more logical explanation here. I think he's just talking about canned pork & beans, with ...
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Why does the Watchers Council not seem to care how or why a slayer dies?

If your entire business model consists of emotionally blackmailing a teenage girl into thinking she is the singular savior an entire dimension, there's a pretty good chance you'd keep her in the dark ...
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Why does the Watchers Council not seem to care how or why a slayer dies?

I think you can attribute it to the secrecy of the Council. The thought could have been that nobody needed to know that there were 2 Slayers operating at the same time for possibly the first time in ...
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Why is there a marked grave?

From all apppearances her grave wasn't in the cemetary at all but rather in a secluded woodland area. The wikia refers to it as: She was buried on the outskirts of Sunnydale ...but I can't find ...
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Spike and Harmony - weaker demons?

There is no definitive answer given in the series but there has been much speculation by the fans. There's a clue in "Dopplegangland" where Buffy tells Willow that a vampire's personality has nothing ...
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