This is a good one. "Zowie!" is a thing that cowboys said in old westerns. Because they couldn't swear. Something like "todly-o" or "gorsh dam". It's a word that means "Huuray!". And it's also, a word that is no longer used. From Merriam Webster The word zowie was inspired by the sound of a speeding vehicle-a new phenomenon when the word entered ...


In the previous episodes, all the girls who dated Charles always commented that he had a perfect, bubbly ass. So in this scenario, the ass can't be an explanation. When you see behind the scenes of Brooklyn 99, you find out that it's actually a sponge protection for Charles, since he was falling a lot in this episode.


There are 9 (that we know of) Here's a quick list from wiki (which i think is reliable enough in this case because this cant really be messed up). One Drink: Spacey Amy Two Drinks: Loud Amy Three Drinks: "Amy Dance Pants" Four Drinks: Pervert Amy Five Drinks: Confident Amy Six Drinks: Lonely Amy Seven Drinks: Unknown Eight Drinks: Equestrian Amy ...


It means Apple provided products. It means Apple has provided products either for use in the program, or as a prize. For instance, if you were on Let’s Make A Deal and you won a brand new iPad Pro, the company that produces Let’s Make A Deal does not buy the iPad Pro. Instead, Apple provides the unit for free in exchange for the publicity it ...


@Bee hit on one aspect, that it's possible Wuntch simply didn't know that Holt was gay. However, given Wuntch's personality, I don't think that to be true. I think she either didn't care or didn't believe that he was gay. There is a lot of precedent in at least American culture of people ignoring other people's sexual orientation (and their gender and ...


I assume that the guys already knew how to get there because, in the last episode of season 3 ("Greg and Larry"), Rosa let them use her house as a safe house. Watching that episode and the episode you mentioned, it seems that it is the same apartment.


In the most recent episode Amy revealed that 9 drink Amy speaks French


According to IMDB Trivia that's detective Daniels: When Terry is pointing out people in the squad to Captain Holt, you see Scully and Hitchcock with a female middle-aged detective, Daniels, and they are introduced as a group. After this point Daniels is never seen again, and Scully and Hitchcock are instead seen as partners.


There are no official sources for this, but from my understanding, Winston Story was specifically cast because of his resemblance to Joe Lo Truglio. There was no coincidence, he was chosen to play a Boyle doppelganger.


It’s on Netflix only in Japan, Canada or the UK. According to this website, it seems like it’s more of that silly licensing nonsense in play again. So no Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the Czech Republic it seems. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on Netflix! Noice, right? Well, it is if you’re based in Japan, Canada, or the UK. For viewers outside of these countries, Netflix ...


Holt was better detective than Wuntch. He did realize that Wuntch was thinking she'll have a chance with him. That's why he had to drink to build up courage to come out to her because he knew she ignored any "hints". And by hints I mean Holt talking about his sexuality. Which, if you know Holt, was saying "I couldn't be happier with my hay partner" with a ...


In season 3, Jake and his friends were in mortal danger and needed to seek refuge from the enemies. Jake called up Rosa to ask for help, and she offered him the apartment as a safe house. This is not shown, but Jake talks about this to Charles. Therefore, in the episode where everyone sees Rosa's apartment, Jake isn't that shocked, which indicates that he ...

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