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"Brazil" reference in "The Last Jedi"?

No, You're not crazy!! There is a Brazil reference in The Last Jedi, according to Vulture: The Last Jedi writer-director Rian Johnson has picked up the baton and drawn on an array of respected ...
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Who was behind the bombings in Brazil?

No answer is provided. They seem to be connected to the vaguely defined "terrorists", but we can't even be sure if the terrorists exist. Both Jill Layton and Harry Tuttle are likely considered to be ...
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Did Brazil carry a disclaimer about its uncomfortably loud volume?

This is true. Film-makers often forward instructions as to the appropriate volume of the film via distribution companies: although often these are ignored entirely by the exhibitors, and can ...
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How does Tuttle actually disappear?

I've always thought of this as a literal pun: after years of not submitting the paperwork he should have for all the unauthorized repairs he's been making, Archibald Tuttle is literally buried in ...
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