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She wasn't a vegetarian when the show began. However, to quote from the wiki: She promised to consider becoming a vegetarian after seeing how pigs were slaughtered (which was also the way her mother had been killed) [Season 1 finale - The Woman in Limbo]. However, in "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken" (season 5, episode 6) Angela cites health ...


According to the Bones wiki, the assistants since Zack's departure are interns. As such, they would be working for a limited period of time in order to get on-the-job training as part of a degree program, and then they graduate and move on to real jobs. For the dynamics of the show, it gives a fresh energy every season or so. ADDITIONAL INFO - In an ...


From IMDB: The murder weapon was a "medieval torture device" called the "Pear of Anguish." The device was inserted into the victim's mouth and then slowly opened, crushing the orifice outward.


The showrunners of Bones have always been extremely coy about whether those supernatural elements are real, or have a "real world" explanation. You are correct in your assumption that shows like "Hero in the Hold" are intentionally left vague (as are later episodes where, for example, we apparently see a legitimate psychic/medium.) However, there have been ...


I watch both shows and have seen both parts of the crossover, you probably can watch it without seeing the previously shown Sleepy Hollow episodes as long as you at least know the rough premise of SH as it was (from what I can tell) intended to act as a way of attracting Bones fans to Sleepy Hollow so while it forms part of the arc for season three it's ...


I don't think she (currently, as of the TV show) has an academic position. Universities sometimes allow guest specialists to lecture for a class, and as a foremost specialist she is probably in demand for that. The students may have been before she worked at the Jeffersonian Institute when she had been a professor somewhere.

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