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What is the historic origin of these Indian burial grounds?

According to Atlas Obscura: First of all, it’s important to note that the Indian Burial Ground, which is sometimes abbreviated to IBG, is a trope, and not a real thing. Pre-Columbian peoples ...
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Where are the spoons?

This is just an anecdotal scene of married life. If you recall, the Sheriff forgot about the spoons too when he served Backup Deputy Chicory that tea corn soup. And when his wife can't find them ...
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How realistic was the communication between the troglodytes?

The writer/director answered questions after the premiere. When they asked him if the throat whistles were based on any historical research, he said he just wanted a musical sound that created a mood,...
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How realistic was the communication between the troglodytes?

While I'm not entirely sure this is on-topic here, there are cases of windpipe transplants and partial larynx transplants that don't put too far out the possibility of altering the sound somebody can ...
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What is Bone Tomahawk based on?

Bone Tomahawk is an original, fictional story, screen-written by the same guy directing it: Screenwriter S. Craig Zahler (“The Brigands of Rattleborge”) is set to make his feature directorial debut ...
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Why did the troglodytes come to Bright Hope?

The opening sequence of the film shows Purvis (Arquette) and Buddy (Haig), startled at the potential presence of witnesses or law enforcement, attempting to escape the scene of their crime and ...
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What is Bone Tomahawk based on?

I wouldn't be so sure. The Karankawa tribe of southeast Texas were known to cannibalize their defeated enemies. And if you look into the work done by David Paulides (The Missing:411 books), there ...
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What is Arthur referring to when he says "This is where it capsized"?

You are correct about it meaning, "This is where it all went bad". It's not a common phrase, but in context it's clearly meant to convey the same thing as "This is a bad idea", ...
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