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What's the record for highest number of biographies on a single person?

I took the very unscientific approach of using Wikipedia and their List of biographical films. I then put all the information into a spreadsheet, removed a lot of annoying merged cells and came up ...
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What's the record for highest number of biographies on a single person?

There are literally dozens of movies about Wong Fei-hung, who died in 1924 and therefore qualifies for your time range. Granted, most of those movies aren't well-known outside China / Hong Kong. And ...
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What happened to The Enchantress of Numbers?

It seems like this was one of those movies that just vanished. Any googling immediate turns up a plethora of pages mostly within the same week period, all with the same details, and nothing else. The ...
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Was the American interview at the end of "La Vie En Rose" real?

According to this interview with the director Olivier Dahan in The Villanovan, the scene was invented, but the interview appears to be real: Natalie Smith: There is one scene that occurs between ...
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Is there any rule to get signed consent from characters while doing biography movies?

In the United States, anyway, there's 'legal' and 'what you can get away with.' It's not like the police will arrest a filmmaker for using a slightly fictionalized version of a real person. The ...
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