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What is the name of the poem Belle reads out?

The poem is called "A Crystal Forest", written by William Sharp. The text of the poem is as follows: The air is blue and keen and cold, With snow the roads and fields are white But here the ...
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Which is the first movie to show movie right after production logo without cuts?

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) starts with the mountain that is shown in the Paramount Logo. The other Indiana Jones films use the same technique. In Temple of Doom (1984) the logo dissolves into ...
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What is the significance of the scene between Mrs. Potts and Maurice at the end of Beauty and the Beast?

It's a moment that comes from the original animated film. Basically, Mrs Potts fancies Maurice, and lets him know it with a look. Maurice's double-take is him going (in his mind), "Mrs Potts seems ...
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What is the piece of furniture in the new Beauty and the Beast?

The object mentioned and seen in this picture is a baroque ceramic oven used for heating. See more pictures of similar objects e.g. here: "Antique" ovens on Pinterest.
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In the new Beauty and the Beast (2017) how often does a petal fall?

It's never mentioned in the movie, and no time frame (other than it having been about 10 years) is given; so no one can say for sure. Furthermore, it's an enchanted rose that lives considerably longer ...
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Did the castle's enchanted staff gain magical powers after the curse?

The cursed people turned castle objects are magical to begin with. No additional supernatural powers have been detected to my knowledge. Although, I do notice some interesting scenes throughout the ...
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How come the Beast allows Belle to ride off through the woods ridden with wolves to rescue her father?

The wolves are no longer a threat after their confrontation with Belle and the Beast. Hurt and injured by a stronger opponent, they ran away and likely wouldn't attack again.
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How come the Beast was able to save Belle from the wolves?

He yelled because he was afraid. But he still cares about Belle at this point. He's being prideful and let's her go. But he's sitting on a high point of the castle which gives him the view of the ...
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